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Little Dickman Records is an independent record label based out of Asbury Park, New Jersey. Inspired by a love of local music and fueled by a DIY work ethic, the company’s ambitions are to focus on independent rock music and to stand in opposition to the suffocating contracts and the top-40 trash that define major record labels. Formed in the summer of 2012,  Little Dickman hopes to bring national attention to local music by distributing limited edition vinyl releases in record stores in the tri-state area, and distributing digital downloads via its website and other major outlets such as iTunes. Coupled with the release of new acts, the company wants to re-release classic tracks from older punk acts as well.  In 2014 we plan to continue working with honest, hardworking bands and releasing music with integrity, expect big things from Little Dickman.




Little Dickman Records and CoolDad Music Holiday Benefit


Brand New Video from Hot Blood, Blood on My Hands






Saturday November 22nd, after a show at Don Pedros in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Brent Bergholm, of  The Battery Electric, had his vehicle broken into. Stolen was 3 guitars; A 1998 American Standard Strat, a 2008 Sunburst Jaguar HH, and 1969 Gibson EBL bass, along with an Orange Rockverb 50 Amp and Pedal Board which he uses for all of his effects during his shows. Brent and The Battery Electric are great supporters of the local music scene. A big part of the bands appeal is Bergholms guitar shredding. If there is anything YOU can do to help, it would be truly appreciated.













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